Walrus Media cc

What we do

Writing and editing

Writing and editing is the core of what we do. We write articles for newsletters, magazines and staff communications; we create internal promotions, competitions, incentives and conference material. We even create presentations, and write stirring speeches and heartfelt thank you notes. We craft just the right words to get your message across effectively and efficiently.

Design and photography

We do graphic design for both print and electronic items – from brochures to pull-up banners. We can also provide photographs – either our own (photography is a passion of ours), or from photographic libraries. When we personally can’t provide what you need, for example, an illustration for a logo, or a fabulous food shot, we know exactly who can, and we outsource these items.

Concepts and ideas

Sometimes, you don’t even know where to start. Not to worry – we’re happy to help with a conference theme, an idea for a motivational teambuilding event, an incentive programme or a communication campaign. Not sure how to communicate a complex issue? We can help. Need a new approach to a boring presentation? We’ll give you some ideas.

Websites and e-newsletters

We build websites and create electronic newsletters, but we’re not really techies. We’re marketing people who have learnt to code, because electronic communication is the way people connect now. We build basic websites, or more complex websites – it depends on what you actually need.


Walrus Media is owned and run by Desi Doran.

Before starting Walrus Media, Desi spent more than 20 years in marketing, communication and advertising in large companies in South Africa and Australia. She has worked in numerous industries including publishing, nuclear power, self-adhesives, financial services, homewares, travel and conference & event management.

Desi has degrees in Journalism and English, has studied psychology, and has a number of certificates in copywriting, brand management, public relations, social media, marketing and photography.

Desi’s star sign is the Walrus, hence the name of the company.


Walrus Media