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Walrus Media specialises in marketing and communication
for small to medium sized companies.

What we're all about

Walrus Media is a communications company. We communicate. That's all we do, really. Because all our services are based on sound communication.

Whether you're planning a conference, designing an advert, building a website, writing a newsletter or marketing your company, it's really all about communication. Reaching your market, and talking to them. Communicating your benefits; convincing your target market that they need your product; building your brand.

And all the 'new' social media marketing? Communication. No more, no less. It just happens to be that social media is the way that people communicate these days. And you need to get into the conversation.

So if you need to communicate anything to anyone - your staff or your customers, give us a call, and let's talk. It's what we do best.


Walrus Media

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Tel: +27 -83 294 8618

Conferences, events and incentive programmes

Walrus Media works in partnership with XL Millennium Travel to arrange all aspects of your conference, event or incentive programme.

From the overall structure, the design, communication, travel, accommodation and logistics, we can provide an event that will resonate with your brand and company.

Services include:

  • conference structure and programme
  • theme and 'look and feel'
  • invitations and full communication programme
  • online registration, including payment facility if required
  • venue, accommodation and travel management
  • post-conference survey and reporting

Give us a call to make your next conference or event the most memorable ever.